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I am working on a computer where I am moving C:\Users\User to D:\Users\User and I am going to create a junction. All files moved successfully during the move except:

  1. My Pictures
  2. My Videos
  3. CurrentDatabase_372 (Windows Media Library)
  4. rnupgagent.exe

My Pictures and My Videos were shared at the time of the move, so that is probably why they encountered an error needing permission from the admin user. I created another admin user to do this. I cannot complete the move even in Safe Mode and the C:\Users\User folder cannot be renamed to C:\Users\User.old to complete the junction.

I am using this site, which referred me to this page for any questions.

At this point, about 20 files reside in the C:\Users\User directory, files like NTUSER.dat, and other registry named files.

I tried using RoboCopy GUI to complete the move too. RoboCopy GUI is greyed out for some reason. I don't want to reformat the drives.

Can anyone please help?

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