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I looking for a solution to visualize a graph on a standard unix text console. Speaking more precisely I need to visualize a graph of dependencies between files from specified set, those dependencies are represented as directed acyclic graph.

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Thats a tall order for a standard text console. especially if you need to limit terminal emulation in any way, e.g. vt100 80 column. – Keltari Aug 28 '11 at 22:09

I believe GnuPlot can do this

There are also Perl modules that do this sort of thing:

        use Graph::Easy;

        my $graph = Graph::Easy->new();

        $graph->add_edge_once ('Bonn', 'Berlin');

        print $graph->as_ascii( );

        # prints:

        # +------+     +--------+
        # | Bonn | --> | Berlin |
        # +------+     +--------+
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