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I would like, in general, to be able to install software on windows into a directory or directories, zip up the files that have been created, and create a script that sets the registry appropriately.

Is there any utility that does that? For that matter, once you can do one, you can presumably do any number of packages in a single zip file with a single install script.

If this is not doable, can I specifically do it for packages such as cygwin which take a huge amount of time to install because of the interactive nature of specifying which packages to install, and then installing them one by one?

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I would love if there was an easy way to do this... I frequently have to load systems with a few standard programs, with standard settings. Unfortunately slipstreaming seems like the only option if the systems have varying components. – Alex Waters Aug 29 '11 at 7:43 has a complete set of instructions for various kinds of installers. Keyboard and Mouse Macro scripters like AutoIt or AutoHotKey can also work by automating the mouseclick and button presses for you.

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This isn't really a good solution, but it is better than nothing I guess. Thanks.... – Dov Feb 12 '12 at 13:24

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