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Is there any equivalent of Linux vconfig utility in Windows 7?

From reading Wireshark docs, I see that Windows doesn't have any built in support mechanism for VLAN. How can you setup Windows workstations in a multi-homed VLAN environment?

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If you get a decent NIC like an Intel PRO/1000 or one of the various HP NCxxxX network adaptors which use the same Intel chipset, the driver will have support for VLANs, along with a configuration control panel.

The single port cards are quite cheap, but the dual PCIe cards are more than double the price. The quad cards and over cost a lot.


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The configuration control panel will create a new virtual device (with the defined VLAN-Id) for you. You then have another network-interface in your list. The VLAN-Settings are found in the driver-properties of your network-card, so there's no direct way to access the from the "windows-configuration side". The networks cards driver has to support the VLAN. – ppuschmann May 2 '12 at 18:51

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