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I have a MacMini which uses a TV as display (it's my media center) and a MacBook, both running OSX Lion. I bought Apple Remote Desktop and set it up. I can connect to the MacMini with my laptop (using the same user that is logged in on the MacMini) with the virtual display option and it works just fine except two things:

  1. I'd like to have a secondary display on the remote connection and not the same one that's used on the TV (so I can do stuff on the MacMini while a movie is running). Ideally it would behave just like a 2nd display.

  2. The resolution should be different on the remote connection (my laptop's display is smaller than 1080...). This probably gets solved with #1.

I know that I could connect with a different user and set the permissions accordingly (and that's what I'll do if I can't find a better solution) but it would be way better if I could use the same user (no hassle with permissions, running applications etc.).

Any hints much appreciated!

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