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I would like to have my own email server. More of I would like to access it through a web-interface from both my desktop and my Android mobile device.

Is there any open-source web-based IMAP email client which is similar to Gmail by its functionality and features?

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Unfortunately, gmail is at the top of email innovation right now. I would look in to RoundCube, a web-client with an attractive modern UI. RoundCube lacks conversation threading (for many the best feature of gmail), but I don't know of any open-source web client that has it. There is a popular feature request for this functionality in roundcube.

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There are a number of open source web mail implementations in many different architectures. Too many to list in a comprehensive way. As @jcrawfordor says, none will be gmail, but that doesn't make them unusable. best way to find one would be google some keywords and read about what looks interesting. I did find this list from 2009

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