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I'm trying to download files from azure storage using cloud berry. When I try to download a folder with many folders in it, it tries to bring over a file with the same name as the folder but with 0 bytes.

This makes the copy fail for any folders.

How can I download a folder with many sub folders without doing it manually?

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try with this program, in my case is very easy upload and download file, and you can download drive backups Azure Drive Explorer

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Azure blobs are not a structured storage mechanism. So there are no directories, logical physical or otherwise. In order to make it easily distinguishable and addressable in a directory friendly way the blob storage allows naming files like folder1/folder2/folder3/myfile.txt. So if you are downloading a "folder" this is expected behavior. You need to download "all files" in the "folder" or rather all files which have the same preceding text that says they belong together. e.g.

  • folder1/folder2/folder3/myfile1.txt
  • folder1/folder2/folder3/myfile2.txt
  • folder1/folder2/folder3/myfile3.txt


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