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I have a 3G connection on my Ubuntu 9.10 laptop. Now I want to share it with another laptop using Windows 7. I'm familiar with setting up network connections, but I want to be pointed in the right directions here. I'm not good with iptables and wireless configurations.

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Try following this article:

Basically your wireless card is the same, but the eth0 device in the article should be substituted with whatever device is handling the 3G connection.


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Thanks! It did not really help though, as Ubuntu does not have all the tools used in that guide (wlanconfig for example). I found out how to do it using graphical setup and some iptable cut n paste magics. – Johan May 15 '10 at 20:46

You have to install a proxy server (like squid) on Ubuntu and configure Windows 7 to use the proxy settings for accessing the internet.

I haven't tried them, but here are the instruction to install and configure Squid on Ubuntu.

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