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Is there anyone out there that knows why Vista and the Shoutcast encoder plugin for dj'ing with winamp just do not seem to get along? The moment I turn Shoutcast on, my CPU usage goes through the roof. With Vista, Shoutcast will not save all the settings and one has to remember to change them each time.

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Try to separate the question from the rant, it would make it more clear. –  Gnoupi Aug 31 '09 at 15:14
It looks like there's no true question here. Shoutcast doesn't support Vista or Win7, only 98 - XP. Although it's interesting to see that they'll still support Windows 98 but not Vista. Judging from that alone, I wouldn't expect any quick results. –  Will Eddins Aug 31 '09 at 15:16

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Have you tried running shoutcast as Administrator? (Right-click and "Run as Administrator").

Another thing to try is running it in Windows XP compatability mode. (Right-click the application, properties, Compatibility tab)

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