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I recorded some video on my PC using a webcam, and got an .avi file. My computer lost power while it was recording, so I can't view the contents of the file.

The file is about 4GB in size. The video players I tried show only a picture when they open it. The video files resulted from using "fix videos software" were similar. Extracting photos using "extract frames software" gives only five frames. Viewing the file as a binary shows (10f695f0)x lines of data each containing 32 hex values, for a total of 9,107,062,272 hex values. The video's frame rate and dimension are known.

How can I restore my video? I would be happy with a programming solution, a software package... anything that works.

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Look at VLC, it can play prettymuch anything, and can write videos to disk. – George Duckett Aug 30 '11 at 9:20

Try running it through ffmpeg, making use of the -er flag.

From the man page:

-er n
Set error resilience to n.
1 FF_ER_CAREFUL (default)

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