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Any input on this please? I am trying to find the best webcam for use with my macbook pro. I have read the logitech quickcam is good, but has software issues? Or can't do everything promised... Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.


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Logitech is great. Even my mom could use it. She comment on how nice it was. – The Green Frog Aug 31 '09 at 18:33

The old external iSight cameras were very good but not very environmentally friendly (but can sometimes still be found in resale shops or eBay).

You can use a standard DV camera hooked to your Firewire port for an excellent quality camera. I used this system when scanning in hundreds of books to the Delicious Library application (uses video feed as bar code scanner).

Otherwise, you should be able to use any UVC camera with reasonable success, and checking some review sites that provide comparisons may be your best bet for finding one that provides the features you are needing.

I have heard the same about Logitech cameras but as long as you get one that states certified for Vista (which is a good indicator that it is UVC) then it will probably work fine but some software based features (like applying filters) may not work without software that will run on OS X.


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