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I am trying to use a BlueTooth-based Apple keyboard under Ubuntu 9.04 and although the device is visible from the Bluetooth window, I cannot connect (or bond) to it. When prompted to type the actual 4-digit code, I always get the messabe "Connection failed". I want to connect the latest Apple Wireless keyboard (the Bluetooth-based one).

Thanks :-)

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The following site may be of some help:

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The URL is dead now. – Tek Jul 29 '14 at 4:16

Not sure if the bluetooth dongle is your problem but I use this TrendNet on Ubuntu 9.04 and it works fine.

Haven't used it with an Apple keyboard though.

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Thank You ! I know about this brand name and I will get it from a local store soon. At this price, i think I can risk few more bucks to get this keyboard working. – jfmessier Sep 1 '09 at 12:21

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