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I have a small network of windows 7 computers on a LAN. I have a scenario with the following folder structure

  • Parent Folder A
    • Sub Folder X
    • Sub Folder Y

I want to share out folder A as Read/write by everyone. Then on other computers I can do "map network drive" to it. Let's say I map this to N:/
I want to share out Sub Folder X as Read-only by everyone. Then on other computers I can do "map network drive" but when X is accessed via this path the folder and files are read-only. Let's say I map this to P:/.

I got this to work in XP but for some reason it does not work in Win 7. What happens is that when I access P:/ the share is read-only as expected. When I try to access to access N:/ every folder except Sub Folder X is read/write. Sub folder X is read-only.

On the host computer, if i right click X -> properties -> security, I can see that the behaiour is correct (i.e. everyone only has "read&execute" and does not have "Full Control")

Does anyone know how i can get the desired behavior?

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Strange, probably need more information here. What are the two client computers you are trying to connect? What OS are they using? I assume you are using a workgroup and not a domain?

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all the computers are windows 7. they are all part of the same homegroup and workgroup. – w-- Aug 31 '11 at 21:47

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