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I'm trying to use an ssh tunnel from a remote location to connect to my home network and access the router web interface.

I have SSH access to the home network, and I can connect to the gateway machine "Lounge". (e.g.

What would I need to do to proxy web requests to the router ( on the home network, via "Lounge", so that I can view it from the remote location?

If it makes a difference, the "Lounge" machine is running OS X.

I want an ssh / command-line only solution to this, thanks.

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Download putty if you don't already have it, the format you need for this is:

putty -ssh username@publicip -pw password -L localport:privateip:destinationport

Here is what you would use to get to remotely through SSH:

putty -ssh username@publicip -pw password -L 8080:

You could then open up a web browser to on the computer you created the tunnel with and up would pop the router interface.

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putty is cross platform, I have done this from a linux box as well as from a windows box, and I have done it through many operating systems. The operating system should not matter on the SSH server or on the client you are using to connect. – MaQleod Aug 31 '11 at 6:27

The straight ssh command for this without puTTY is...

ssh user@host -L localport:routerip:remoteport

and then open http://localhost:localport in your browser.

Thanks to MaQleod for showing me the ssh switches.

(P.S. Don't go putting passwords in plaintext! avoid the -pw switch)

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