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On Snow Leopard, I used Disk Utility's "NFS Mount" feature to automatically mount a NFS shared folder from my Synology NAS.

Here are the Advanced Mount Parameters I used:


The shared folder mounts fine and performance is much better than what I was getting with AFP.

Problem is Finder/Path Finder can't read files on folders with non-standard characters, such as í or á.

Whenever I try to access them I get a "you don't have permission to read this file" error.

I can, however, access these files normally from the terminal. Any light on how to fix my Finder/Path Finder situation, please?

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Apparently this is a Unicode Normalization Form issue for which there is no solution... This and other forum posts on Apple's support website made me conclude… So sad, if anyone has any idea, I would greatly appreciate it! – bruno Aug 31 '11 at 17:26

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