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I need to share info of my mailbox. That is, I need to send somebody the contents of what I have in a particular folder. But not the content itself, just an overview of the mails. Best would be the same info as what I can see when looking at the folder (Sender, time, subject, etc), but in a text format (plain text/CVS/something_similar)

When I look for this I just get results about exporting mails, but I only want to export the meta data, so to speak. Is this doable?

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Check out Kaosmos's ImportExportTools extension for Thunderbird. It has many additional import and export functions, including what sounds to be what you're looking for:

  • export of index of the messages in a folder (HTML or CSV format)
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Here’s the direct link to Mozilla’s add-on site: – unor Nov 7 '13 at 11:59

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