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I recently upgraded from OSX Snow Leopard to OSX Lion version 10.7.1. So far, I'm enjoying the "natural" scrolling when using my trackpad. However, when scrolling with my mouse wheel, I'm having trouble making the switch to "natural" scrolling. It feels decidedly unnatural to me. Furthermore, I frequently switch between PC and Mac, and I'm confusing myself by constantly switching my mouse scrolling paradigm.

Is there a way to keep "Classic" scrolling on my mouse, but continue to use "Natural" scrolling for the trackpad?

I know that I can turn off natural scrolling in System Preferences -> Trackpad, but this setting affects both my mouse and my trackpad, and System Preferences > Mouse does not seem to have any options to change scroll direction.

I am willing to consider "creative" options if there is not an officially supported method.

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Found a duplicate question on Ask Different.

There is no offically supported method to do this, but there is a free program called Scroll Reverser which allows you to reverse vertical or horizontal scrolling on the devices of your choice. It's working great for me.

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