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I have a user running Windows 7 64-bit who's started to use Remote Desktop a lot to remote into our servers.

The user is quite important, but he isn't getting his desktop notifications while remoted into another PC/server.

It works on my PC in a maximised RDP window so I'm wondering if it's either A: a bug or (hopefully) B: a check box somewhere.

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Outlook notifications from HIS desktop or from the server he's logged into? – Jeff F. Sep 1 '11 at 16:15

There may be following chances to not getting notifications in Outlook:

If you've set up your Outlook with POP3 account and the emails are not routed to the default inbox, then you may get the desktop notification. And If you're using IMAP account, then you'll have to create a Rule to make the desktop notification appear on your Window.

Or if your Alert get turned off then you need to turned them on by following the below steps:

Open your Outlook → click on Options.

Click on Email → now, under Message Arrival, check the option Display a Desktop Alert → click on OK. For more info click here:

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