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When I log into my unix servers, I get an xterm window and usually open several more from that initial one. Is there any danger in closing the first window but keeping the children windows open?

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Generally: no worries about closing the first window.

Tell me more specifics --

  • how are you logging in? ssh with X forwarding? network KVM?
  • what are you using the child xterms for -- spawning processes which do more work?

Something about how you phrase your question implies that you're launching non-graphical production processes by using X11. If the things you're running don't require a GUI, I'd recommend against running the GUI to launch them. Read about GNU Screen and/or nohup.

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Hi, Doug. I'm using ssh with X forwarding on Windows XP. I'm not really using GUIs, but occassionally I do (such as gvim). – daveslab Aug 31 '09 at 19:27
For a linux server (running Apache and other similar non-GUI stuff), I don't like to have X running. It eats up resources that can be better used for more important things. – Doug Harris Sep 2 '09 at 22:17

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