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I want to query our domain controller via LDAP for some user data like telephone number or mail address. Of course I can to this with different methods, but I would like to do this with a query in the search field of Internet Explorer 9. So is there a "search provider" or how would I have to define one for a LDAP query? Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Thank you very much and excuse my limited english skills ;-)


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A URL like ldap://host:port/dn?attributes?scope?filter?extensions should do it.

  • host and port are obvious, except that ldap clear text runs over port 389, SSL runs on 636, and with TLS can run on 389, issue a StartTLS and switch to encrypted while still on 389. (Assume clear text for now).
  • dn is the base to start searching from downwards. For AD, this might be the dc=Doman,dc=com naming. For eDirectory, OpenLDAP, or SunOne it is could be anything, but is more likely to be ou=domain,o=org or perhaps o=domain,dc=org or somesuch.
  • attributes is a comma separated list of attributes you wish returned for any matching objects.
  • scope is either subtree, entry, or one depending how deep you would like the search to go.
  • filter is the key. This is where you specify what you are looking for. Perhaps (uid=SomeuserName) or ( or (&(objectClass=User)(memberOf=Cn=groupA,ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=com)) or the like.
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