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In my post fix configuration files I keep finding options / settings like these

var = $default_values
option = $default_values

For example this is out put form a grep I ran.

/conf/ = 5
./conf/ = $default_destination_concurrency_failed_cohort_limit
./conf/ = $default_destination_concurrency_limit

I would like to know what those $defautl values are. How can I find out. Are they kept in a files that I can read some where. Is there a man page I can go to.

The postfix documentation is extensive, I have been read all morning. I still have not found how to find out what the defaults on my installation are. I don't know if the distro I am using Ubuntu 8.04 made changes to the default values before shipping. The only way for to check is see where / how those default values are actually set.

I know what I need to do to fix a problem I have I just don't want to make changes with out understanding how it can affect other part of the system.

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postconf -d will show default values of every variable.

The default_ prefix, however, is just a part of the variable name, and it can be changed like any other variable. You will want to use just postconf (without any options) to see the current value of that $default_.... variable.

(On a related note, postconf -n displays only variables that have been changed.)

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