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I'm on a Linux Machine ( Ubuntu ) and I use (g)Vim which is my favorite, I love everything but the icon, I like MacVim's icon but gVim's icon has a lot to be desired, is there a way to useea custom icon ( Looking into the runtime or something like that ). By the Way the icon I want to replace is

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Cool icon. Try this:

  1. Right click on Applications button (typically top left of your screen, for English installation) - select Edit Menus.
  2. Select the menu category under which gVim resides - for me this is Accessories.
  3. Right click on the gVim item and select Properties (or click the same button on the right).
  4. Click the icon button on the popup and pick whatever you'd like.

Good luck.

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Is there a similar way to do this which will change the icon in the Window List on gnome-panel?

gvim and firefox are the two I use which do not adhere to the icon theme.


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