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Possible Duplicate:
How to limit internet traffic in some computers of my home network?

Here's the problem: I have Internet account with limit of 3G per month. there are some computers in my home network which use the Internet account through a wireless router. Is there a way to set a limit on the other users' traffic in the network by mac address or IP address ? Is there a tool for it?

I appreciate your help

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Depending on the wireless router you use, you should probably look into running the DD-WRT router firmware, which supports throttling, bandwidth management, and other functions that you'll find useful for this, as well as being a very highly regarding alternative firmware for a very wide variety of routers.

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There is a firmware replacement called Gargoyle available for several common home routers that will let you set quota's and throttling. There are probably a number of others that will allow this as well.

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