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I'm thinking about getting a laptop to replace my desktop except for gaming (rare these days).

However I'd like to know all my data on the laptop is backed up on another hard drive; especially when I go out of the house with the laptop.

What solutions are there?

Could I use a external hard drive of the same capacity (or greater) and when I plug it into the laptop I could run a app to update any necessary files.

The alternative would be to manually keep my important files on other drives.

The laptop would be dual boot Ubuntu/Windows7

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You can do that, just basically buy an external hard drive, run a backup utility such as EaseUp To-Do Backup or Drive Image XML if you want to image your drive.

You can then install the two Operating Systems in Dual Boot and they can use your External HDD as a Data Storage drive for both OS's to see.

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If you're dualbooting (or quadbooting - i have a backup of a windows/windows/linux/(NotNamedOs)), clonezilla (either on a thumb drive, or as an additional boot option on your main system and a external hard drive is the best option.

Alternately, use the built in windows 7 backup system for the windows drive or pretty much any windows hosted backup system - even if they don't handle linux, they will make a raw image of the linux partition.

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If you have a cheap/older computer laying around, you can use Windows Home Server which will do a nightly backup of your machine. It's easy to restore files or even the whole disk in the event it is damaged.

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