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I was given a server to setup, but this server was not reset, and the provider is quite slow on resetting it, so I have to completely uninstall some stuff it has, one of which is nginx.

I had a few problems when doing setup on my local machine for nginx due to multiple installations of it, so I want to avoid the same mistake now.

Problem is, I have no idea how nginx was installed here, and I need to remove it.

When I access the server through SSH I only have this folder $HOME/backups/nginx.

Any idea how to uninstall this? Whenever I google it only comes up with apt-get uninstall and so forth.

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Problem is, I got no idea how nginx was installed here, and I need to remove it.

Check if the package manager knows about nginx, if it does, use that package manager to uninstall it.

dpkg –l \*nginx*   # lists packages whose name contains "nginx"
dpkg -L nginx      # lists files in package "nginx"

See Sourceforge tutorial

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