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I have the following problem: in Snow Leopard, when you click on a stack or pile in the dock the system will display previews for the files in there. But for small text files, all you get in a preview is a few unreadable characters. I would much prefer to have their icon displayed (as in OS X 10.5), since I could then recognize them more easily (and it was much more beautiful also).

Any hints?

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Have you considered using the pre-Leopard "List" view? Right-click the Stack and select List. You lose drag & drop, but you also lose the previews (a lose-lose situation :-) ) – Daniel Beck Oct 10 '11 at 18:07

Delete /System/Library/QuickLook/Text.qlgenerator.

You will lose all QuickLook functionality for text file types, both in "regular" QuickLook and Stacks.

If you only want to remove QuickLook from plain text file, edit /System/Library/QuickLook/Text.qlgenerator/Contents/Info.plist using Xcode and remove the following line:


There appears to be a bug in the Stacks implementation: It ignores the property QLThumbnailMinimumSize that would be perfect to prevent tiny thumbnail creation. It works in Finder's regular views though if you enable icon previews.

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