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I'm using Ubuntu on my laptop on a 250GB hard drive. I'm going to install a new 500GB hard drive and will create new partitions on it for different purposes.

Can I simply copy the partition where Ubuntu is installed to the new hard drive or will a reinstallation be needed? The first problem I find is that the fstab file should be rewritten.

What would you do in this case?

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Finally I tried to copy the partition directly and it looks that modifying the fstab file was the only thing needed.

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For what I understand. You want to clone the image of your old hard drive and install it to your new drive.

If you are attempting to do this, I recommend Clonezilla.
Here is a tutorial of how to clone your hard drive.

I hope this answered your question.

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Nope. What do you undertand from "partitions reorganization" and "I'll create new partitions on it for different purposes"? I know how to copy the partition, but i'm going to create new partitions and delete others. What I ask is if it can affect the system. – NeDark Sep 5 '11 at 10:03

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