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Which solution would you recommend which has:

  • a relational database with a user interface
  • access for 20-50 users potentially working in parallel
  • user authentication
  • log of changes
  • customizable forms, to input data in the database
  • different access rights levels (read, read & write, admin)
  • data hosted on my server
  • very little to absolutely no "programming" to be implemented
  • as low cost as possible :)

Some background:

I currently have a Microsoft Access database, with different forms to facilitate the user interface. I would like to now give access to this database to roughly 20 users - so I need to be able to track who updates what.

Ideally I would like to have a Web 2.0 look and feel, but this is optional.

So far, I have looked into:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET; but this seems to me like a lot of programming will be needed
  • Open-source CRM, like Joomla, Drupal, or SugarCRM; though it looks like an overkill for my objective, and I am not sure it will be easy to implement or manage
  • Zoho creator; this was the closest I have seen to my objective, but I understand the data is hosted on Zoho servers which I do not want

Any suggestion is most welcomed.

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Programming frameworks like CakePHP, Django, and Rails all offer easy ways to scaffold an application. It requires more technological expertise than commercial database products, so you may need to hire a web/application developer to set things up for you.

That aside, I hear FileMaker is pretty decent. Not sure if it'll run on your hardware, but it may be worth looking into.

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"Scafolding is usually some type of code generation where you point it at a database, and the technology creates basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) screens." found here. Sounds interesting.

Is there an easy method to implement scaffolding?

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So far, the closest I come to my objective was:
- an mysql database,
- an apache http web server,
- with phpmyadmin to administer the database,
all packaged in xampp;

But I am missing at least some front-end web forms, for example based on php, to let users view and edit the database content.

There are some tools that generate php forms. I have tested for example PHP Mysql Web Database Application Code generator. This software created for me with a click of a button a complete set of web forms, including menus, and forms to view and edit content. BUT... there were some bugs so I dropped it...

so I am still looking.

Right now, I am looking into phpmyedit for creating my web forms. It is free, and seems to work so far. I have created some forms. But I am not satisfied yet with the forms and need to customize them.

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Dabo looks interesting:

It appears to be something like Visual FoxPro but in Python.

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