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I have two monitors (my laptop and an external monitor - a flatron M2780D). I'm running Windows 7.

On the flatron, if I maximize a window (such as Firefox), the window goes out of the bounds of the monitor, and I can't really see the outer edges of the window (such as in Firefox, I can't see the buttons to exit, minimize, maximize).

How do I fix this? How do I specify the boundary of my monitor because for some reason it's going out of bounds.

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What are the resolutions of the two monitors? – w3dk Sep 4 '11 at 21:45
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Often times this can happen when the monitor itself needs to be calibrated to the dimensions you are using. - you can usually do this from the menu button on the monitor.


You may be using a resolution not properly suited for the monitor. This can happen a lot in windows when you use the Mirror function, and one monitor is forced to fit the constraints of the other monitor.


It may depend on whether you are using HDMI or DVI, and how your video card handles both.

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