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I'm on a Windows 7 machine and need to create a new folder whose name starts with a dot. To be specific, I need to create the folder "C:\USERS\theusername\.ec2" because that is the default location that the AWS plugin for Eclipse likes to find certain configuration files.

Windows 7 gives me an error message whenever I try to create a folder that starts with a dot:

You must type a filename

Seriously? There are already subfolders in this folder that start with a dot!

How can I tell Windows 7 to just shut up and create my folder?

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  1. From the folder above the parent for the new folder, shift-right click on the parent, choose "Open command prompt here".

  2. Type mkdir .ec2 (enter)

  3. Close the command prompt

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This is what I have been doing but it just seemed wrong. At least now I know I'm not crazy. –  Jim Tough Sep 5 '11 at 0:48
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This behavior is based on a "feature" of dos 8.3 where it was forbidden to have a file without a name.

Name the folder .name.

So the Explorer thinks you will create a file with a name but no extension(which is allowed). The explorer will then delete the dot at the end because it is unnecessary.

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This is a simple and very elegant solution! –  Erik Schierboom May 31 at 13:14
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from Create/rename a file/folder that begins with a dot in Windows?

To create/rename on windows explorer, just rename to .name. - The additional dot at the end is necessary, and will be removed by Windows Explorer.

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The only solution to this is:

  1. Start > Run > cmd > OK
  2. Enter:

    mkdir .yourfoldername
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Use the command line. Hold shift and right click in the directory you'd like to create a subdirectory in. Choose the "Open Command Prompt here" (or something like that) item. In it, type:

md .ec2
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You can do this from CMD. Navigate to where you need then

mkdir ".folder"
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