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One of the good point with emacs is that you can have split screen so you get two or more views of the same file which allows you to browse around and have a clearer overview of the file. I wonder if there are some plugins or if the same functionality already is built in in notepad++.

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It is built into Notepad++. All you have to do is right-click the tab of the file and say "clone to other view" and it will split the workspace into two scrollable views of the file, similar to how emacs does multiple windows. You can also open up two different files in the different views.

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can I make so it only scrolls when I scroll one of the side? As of now they will scroll at the same time when I do so. –  starcorn Sep 5 '11 at 19:13
Under the View menu, you can check/uncheck "Synchronize vertical scrolling" and "Synchronize horizontal scrolling" and that should get it doing the behavior you want. –  Ben Richards Sep 5 '11 at 19:30
Currently NP++ seems limited to two windows. In previous versions of there was the possibility to have a real tile-oriented GUI, but it disappeared. –  Druvision May 2 '13 at 6:43

You can also "rotate" your split view from vertical to horizontal by making :

  • a right click on the separation line (cursor will change to a double arrow)

  • and choose from "Rotate to the left" or "Rotate to the right"

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If you right-click on the current tab, or go to View > Move/Clone Current Document, then click "Clone to Other View", it will clone it to the other half of the screen.

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Just as @Ben Richards as mentioned you should right-click the tab of the file and click "clone to other view". Initially this would be vertical, you can rotate or "flip" it horizontal by right clicking the dotted line and choose then click "Rotate to the left" or "Rotate to the right"

A point of note it that you can do this for multiple windows

bug a bug i found is that if you originally have multiple tabs open, say A B C. and you cloned A say to AA, if you click tab B or C, AA would still be shown for all of the tabs without a clone. I find this inconvenient.

If you however clone B and or C, you will also have multiple tabs in the cloned windows

notepad++ multiple tabs

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