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Possible Duplicate:
Converting dynamic to basic disk

I have a SATA hard drive and when i am connecting it to a laptop running Windows 7, it's not detecting it. It's showing as a dynamic drive.

I did a web search and found out that I need to convert the dynamic disk to basic. Isn't there any way to read this disk without converting? If not, how do I convert it without losing data?

I don't have any extra backup drive. I tried a few applications, but all of them were demo versions.

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No matter if you find a supposedly "safe" method of doing this, you still need to BACK UP YOUR DATA! I can't stress this enough. With anything like this where there is a possibility of anything going wrong, data backup is the way to go, or you might be sorry. – ephilip Sep 5 '11 at 21:54

Back up your data before doing anything.

Hard core Geek method, you change the value of sector 0 location 1C2 from 42(dynamic) to 07 (basic), using a disk editor

enter image description here .


Alternate Software method

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