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I recently purchased a MacBook to compliment my Windows desktop machine. I am hunting around for a free RSS aggregator that I could use on both machines. Currently I am using Google reader, but I miss the ability to preview articles before I navigate to them. Additionally I do not want to manage two separate lists for each machine. It does not matter to me if I use two different products for each OS, or an online product between the two.

Can anyone recommend a feature rich, free RSS aggregator that supports article previews that I can use in a Windows or Mac environment?

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If you click "Expanded" in the top right, you get something like what you want. But not just a snippet.

Another option is to use and if you really feel excited you can tweak the code. This integrates with Google Reader, and is cross platform, which is nice. However, it isn't quite a passive as you would probably like. You will find it hard trying to find anything with a better feature set than Google Reader though.

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Try NewsBar for OS X - it will sync with your Google Reader account.

enter image description here

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Looks nice. Too bad it's Mac-only. – TERACytE Sep 8 '11 at 20:29

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