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I found that I can record a macro in Notepad++ and stop recording.

However once I've finished recording, it doesn't show any new macros for me to replay or add a shortcut key to access it.

An example would be:

  1. Click Macros > Start Recording
  2. Click Plugins > NppExport > Copy all formats to clipboard
  3. Click Macros > Stop Recording to finish

How can I add this macro for replaying, and how can I assign a keyboard shortcut to it?

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Here is the rather simple method (simple once you find it anyway... it's not in the "Macro" menu):

  1. From the top menu, select "Settings" => "Shortcut Mapper..."
  2. Scroll down near the very bottom (my macros started at item 60)
  3. Right-click and select either Modify or Delete (double click will act the same as selecting Modify)
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