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I often take personal notes in text files. Sometimes I'd like to refer to an email in one of my IMAP email boxes. Now I manually write something like "email in <imap_account>, <date>", but then looking up those emails takes too much time.

Is it possible to make a link to an email, so that Thunderbird would display that specific email?

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You might be better off using something like xnote++ or one of the other note taking addons for Thunderbird. The mail is stored in an mbox format and I don't see a built in method for pulling the message index. There are some external tools you could use for that, but that would be an additional process you'd have to maintain. Another option is to save the mail you want to link to with the text note, you can then just drop the message path into your note.

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Saving the mail is not sufficient for me, I often want to make a note about replying to an email. I hoped someone implemented some URI scheme for IMAP (all my mailboxes are IMAP), maybe something like RFC5092... – liori Sep 6 '11 at 16:29

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