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How do I enter normal text in Microsoft Paint?

Normally I don't have any problems adding text to an image in Paint. But I ran into this problem:

alt text

The text is supposed to be "abcdefd" (entered in a text editor and pasted). The same characters appear if typed directly. So apparently it is using some other character set. How do I restore normal operation?

Platform: MS Paint 5.2, Windows XP Professional x64 SP2, 8 GB RAM.

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Right click in a text field and choose the "Text Toolbar" option to bring up a font selection menu.

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That did the trick. Thanks! – Peter Mortensen Sep 1 '09 at 1:36

Looks like you're using Wingdings or some other crazy font. When using the text tool, a toolbar should appear which will let you change the font.

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You have a symbol font, Wingdings or Webdings I believe. Change the font face.

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Not totally an answer to the question, but rather a suggestion:

A nice and free replacement for MSPaint could be Paint.NET. It offers more and better functionalities than MSPaint.

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