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We have both where I work, and often times people are unsure which is appropriate for what. So my question is, what are the key differences between an email distribution list and a listserv?

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The real difference that I am aware of is that a fully implemented ListServ provides the end user the ability to opt in or out of the list via email. A DL is typically more centrally managed and the users request that an administrator add or remove them from a DL. It's kind of funny since that central management nightmare is pretty much why ListServs were created and now most large businesses have email admins who spend significant time managing DLs.

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ListServ means the user can choose whether they'd like to receive the emails or if they'd like to leave the group (it's manually managed by the individual users).

A DistList is where the administrator adds or remove the people who will receive the emails. So its manually managed by the administrator.

^^^ I'm pretty sure this is the only difference as my workplace also uses these two lists.

Hope this helps.

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