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I need to downgrade to the most previous version of the Adobe Flash Player version 10 that is in use by Safari.

How can I do this?

To clarify, I need the previous version of Flash Player 10. There are numerous sub-versions....

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According to the internets:

  • Download the Flash Uninstaller from Adobe – here
  • Fix Disk Permissions via the Disk Utility
  • Download all whole slew of versions of Flash 9 – here.
  • Fix Disk Permissions via the Disk Utility

To fix the disk permissions, just open up Disk Utility, select "Macintosh HD" (or whatever the name of the OS X partition is, click the "First Aid" tab, then the "Repair Disk Permissions" button:

enter image description here

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argh, beat me with same links! – William Hilsum Sep 1 '09 at 2:48
What does 'Fix Disk Permissions via the Disk Utility' mean? Sorry, I'm a Mac noob trying to help a client. :/ – Ian Sep 1 '09 at 6:57

I can not really say 100% for mac, however I recently had to support this for PC.

If Safari comes pre-installed / comes with Flash, this may not help.

Take a look here I just found this on Adobe, however I have not tried it, it describes how to uninstall Flash on Apple.

Uninstall or disable and remove flash.

Take a look at this site

It does not have EVERY minor release of flash, but it does have every Major release along with a few of the minors for each one - Each version comes with Linux, Mac and Windows setups.

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