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I just upgrade a HP Pavilion tx2000 64-bit from Windows Vista to Windows 7. This was a clean install and NOT a upgrade. Now both headphone jacks do not work.

I found the HP Vista Download page (I was not able to find Windows 7 yet):

I tried installing the "Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver"

but got a "Install Realtek HD Audio Driver Failure [Error Code: 0xE0000235]", which stopped the install.

Any pointers on what should be done next?

Edited: I was able to get around the Error by uninstalling the Audio Driver. Once it was uninstalled the HP Vista driver appeared to install correctly on Windows 7 (no problems so far) and my headphone jack worked again.

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You will have much better luck over at, ServerFault's consumer-level sister. – Mark Henderson Sep 1 '09 at 2:50
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You should always first check to see if the manufacturer provides the correct driver first. Since it doesn't appear that a Windows 7 driver is available, you could try the one provided directly from Realtek:

  • Select "High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)"
  • Accept disclaimer
  • Download and install the Windows 7 HD Audio driver
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Try running the driver in compatibility mode for Windows Vista.

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