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Is there any way to execute a command from notepad++ and have the results piped back into the program in a new tab?

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AFAIK, this can be done with a plugin - whether or not said plugin exists already is an entirely different matter. – Breakthrough Sep 8 '11 at 16:25
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If your program outputs plain text and you can run batch files...

  1. Create a batch file (e.g. dir.bat) which pipes the results of your command to a temporary file, then opens the file in Notepad++ e.g.

    dir > tmp
    "C:\path_to_notepad_plus_plus\notepad++" tmp

    (replace dir with your command and add an extension to tmp to syntax-highlight it appropriately).

  2. In Notepad++, select Run > Run... and browse for your batch file.

  3. If you use it often, consider saving it as a macro (Run > Run... > Save...) which you can access with a keyboard shortcut or under the Run menu.
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For more flexible, you can install the NppExec plugin. The easiest way to install it is through the built-in Plugin Manager:

  1. Select Plugins / Plugin Manager / Show Plugin Manager
  2. Put a checkmark next to NppExec
  3. Click Install

After that, the fun begins. This tutorial is a good starting point on how to use this powerful plugin:

It should work with any command-line utility that outputs text to the console.

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