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I'm running Windows 7, and have a program that I run frequently that makes changes the OS (according to Windows 7). Every time I run it it asks me to confirm that this program is allowed to make the changes.

I would like to set this program so that it is always allowed to make the changes without me having to 'ok' it every time. Is that possible?


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The only way to do this without external programs as of now is to turn down UAC settings, you probably have it here:

alt text

You'll need to move it down a notch but that will affect all programs. If you would like it to work on a per-program basis, you can use Elevator (previously called ElevateMe). Usage is explained further here.

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I'd prefer not to turn that down or use a third party program. Looks like I'll have to ok it every time. Thanks for replying. – James Sep 1 '09 at 4:13

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