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The laptop seems to work 1/3 of times for, some websites seem inaccessible (i.e. don't work at all). Firefox and Chrome seem to work (1/3 of time issue), and others computers here work perfectly - but that laptop is the computer of a friend.

I barely know his security, his hardware and stuff like that but I can find anything easily. I have never seen a problem like that before, mostly because I make my computer my own (modding and tweaking them from scratch).

If you have some ideas of things to try, please tell me 'cause I'm stuck on this one and cannot reinstall his Windows because he doesn't have his recovery CD, and he has a very large amount of files to backup.

Another issue related to this one is that his laptop seem to show 2 wireless connections (we use wifi here, wep cause some hardware can't take more wpa+) like wireless1 and wireless2 (wireless replace the real network name)... It surely a dead simple problem but I'm maybe too avanced and I don't see noob errors sometimes cause I overlook some peoples skills ...

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Try replacing your DNS servers with a third party DNS like OpenDNS and see if that helps:

Start -> Run -> ncpa.cpl -> right-click active wireless adapter -> Properties
Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Properties
Select Use the following DNS server addresses
Preferred DNS server:

And disable or delete the extraneous wireless network to help narrow down the issue.

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