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My goal is to create a multi-boot system in which I have an unencrypted Windows XP\7 for guests and and an encrypted Windows 7 for me with WUBI installed on this partition if possible. Truecrypt doesn't appear to support these configurations. My original goal was to create a hidden OS, but this wouldn't allow for dual booting Linux and Windows (I didn't want to use WUBI at the time) and I didn't like the way Truecrypt partitioned my disk space. I kind of like WUBI now :). I basically want:

Unencrypted partition: Windows 7 or XP (XP preferred due to conserve disk space)

Encrypted partition: Windows 7, w\ WUBI strongly preferred

I do not have to use Truecrypt, if the solution is to load a small Linux environment, un DM-Crypt a partition, then chain into BOOTMGR so be it.

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