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I've set up dual monitor display in Fedora 15/Gnome 3.

However, the windows failed to display on my secondary monitor.(mouse can drag these missing windows on secondary monitor, I just cannot "see" them) How to solve this problem?

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How do you have this second monitor configured? can you by chance post a screenshot of your display settings? – MaQleod Sep 8 '11 at 20:58

I found something similar here. The following is a quote from the site that could be helpful.

1) install gconf-editor ( yum install gconf-editor ).

2) run gconf-editor either via a terminal or else from Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor

3) navigate to apps --> compiz --> general --> allscreens --> options and edit the active_plugins node on the right

4) put "place" in the series right after "resize" (with commas and such to keep them seperate)

5) disable & re-enable desktop effects.

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