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I have Windows Virtual PC running XP Mode.

On a current local user <Mark> I have put the PC on a domain <mydomain>.

Virtual PC works but I struggle to get the image I have working on the domain profile. I can create a new image and it works but getting the image that is in ./<mark> to work on <mark.mydomain> is the issue

I have used the Add a virtual hard disk step of the virtual machine setup, selected Use an existing virtual hard disk and then clicked the Browse button. I located and selected the Windows XP Mode base.vhd file that I was modifying earlier, which is located in the C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\ folder.

I say modifying earlier because I have changed the ownership and permissions and Windows XP Mode base.vhd and selected properties. To remove the read-only attribute that is preventing us from modifying this file, by Clicking the Security tab and then click the Advanced button.

Have I missed something? When I run using this .VHD the system creates a new image. Is it not the .vhd file that holds the old image from <mark> user, or is there a registration or config file that goes with this file to make the old image work?

I can still run the original image as the ./ user.

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The VHD you were targetting isn't the same VHD you built under the domain profile.

The VHD under Program Files is a image Virtual PC uses to build a working XP installation.

Your domain profile's XP Mode VHD is under %UserProfiles%\Virtual Machines.

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The answer is the file is hidden in local/app folder and you can then mount once copied to new profile.. found local/app folder as there are the default VHD and local VHD

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