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The following downloads are timing out on 3 different machines on our network:

The parent pages display fine in the browser, and we can connect to other non-Adobe FTP locations without issue.

I can ping ftp.adobe.com fine, and I receive replies from

I can connect to ftp.adobe.com in Filezilla, and browse to /pub/adobe/reader/win/10.x/10.1.0/en_US, but any attempt to download the .exe or .msi produces a "connection timed out" error in Filezilla. This occurs in both active and passive mode.

Orbit Downloader also times out.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia, and have been able to download files from ftp.adobe.com on my home machine.

We are connected to a WAN provided by Telstra, and they have a firewall policy. I will contact them now.

Update: it has to be a WAN firewall issue, as Telstra themselves are able to access the files fine.

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Telstra confirmed it was a setup issue on their WAN firewall. Working now.

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