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I'd like to keep form history turned on but exclude certain sites and haven't found a way.

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Hmm - no "exceptions" button next to form history when you turn the settings to "Custom". – ChrisF Sep 9 '11 at 19:20
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With the FireFox plugin HistoryBlock specific websites can be blocked from appearing in the browser's history.

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Awesome. I can't believe I was never able to track this down. Thanks! – GollyJer Sep 23 '12 at 14:20

While there is not a specific option (that I have found) you could just run that particular site under private browsing. Of course privacy is never guaranteed.

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I can't comment yet so let's reply, my apologies. HistoryBlocks works great, thanks @Jura25.

This add-on actually deletes all references to the specified domain(s) from the history, even pre-dating the install. This behavior can be tested by blacklisting a domain, then un-blacklisting it: the related history entries don't seem to come back.

That's great if you want to prune your history a bit (eg. get rid of countless or entries), but for other purposes you might want to be be careful though. To me this subtelty is not clearly expressed by the blocked from appearing notion, nor is the add-on page any clearer on that point.

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