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I often want to turn the computer off for the night (yes I'm one of those) but am in in the middle of uploading or downloading something. Is there a utility that shuts a windows computer down when the network is idle for a certain amount of time?

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If you are just downloading stuff off sites, then Getright and FlasghGet both have options to shutdown the computer when downloading completes.

If you are downloading using torrents, then uTorrent has an option to shutdown or restart upon completion as well.

Flashget and uTorrent are both freeware. Getright used to be shareware but now it might be a demo+paid model

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Many download "helper" programs have an option to shut down the computer after a download is finished. I know CuteFTP did at one point.

This means you would have to download all files through this program, though.

I don't remember any of the other programs as I stopped using them after I didn't have dial-up anymore.

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Not that I know of, but you can probably write a script to reference the WMI information regarding your network usage. Another metric might be to poll the last modified times of the folders which you are downloading to.

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