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I'm often playing a fullscreen game (like Civilization or Anno) and watching a DVD on another monitor in the meantime.

But as soon as the game starts the mouse pointer seems to be trappend on the primary monitor and I have to Alt-Tab out to skip a scene for example.

Is there any way I can move the cursor onto the second monitor without leaving the game? Some configuration setting or a third-party software?

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UltraMon has a hotkey to move the mouse to the next monitor.

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Unfortunately this doesn't work. It looks like all the games I tested capture the cursor, exclusively. – Daniel Rikowski Oct 5 '09 at 17:57
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Until now nobody provided a working answer, so I provide my own until I there's a better one.

It seems that this is a limitation by the DirectX fullscreen mode. The only workaround I found was getting rid of the fullscren mode and play in windowed mode.

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Try [Ctrl]-[Alt] ... I have no particular reason to expect that to work, but combinations like that (sometimes [Shift]-[[Alt] or other combinations, sometimes held down, other times pressed and released) have been used to "escape" from various VMware, VNC, and similar windows).

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