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I would like to do a multi track audio recording at home using a software like audacity. In my old PC which is no longer working [:(] I used to have a provision to convert line-out i.e. the speaker out jack also as a line-in jack using a software. I would like to do the same with my new HP laptop. Is it possible to do so?

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I believe that ability is determined by the audio card and drivers. If the card doesn't support it, changing the software won't help. I would make sure you have the latest drivers for that card and then check under your audio settings.

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Most likely the answer is no. You can permanently damage your sound card if you attempt to run a signal into the output jack. Unless the hardware specifically allows for this, I would not attempt it.

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I'd go out and buy a USB audio interface (UCA202 for example or this or maybe this)

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